Peter Max Lawrence: Film maker, Trouble maker, Maker of Super Heros.

July 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

I would like you all to meet Peter,head film-maker for this grand adventure in iceland. Peter and I met in the hallowed hall of Studio 10, the heart of the New Genres department at SFAI. Peter is the most prolific artist I know today. He has done thousands of drawings mostly based on super beings from swamp thing to Batman to his own super characters. ┬áHe has shots years worth of video footage that is incredible. To say I am a fan in not even getting close to how much I adore this man as a person, soul and artist. One of his numerous talents is shooting moments that seem to be at the time just passing by, but his eyes catches the most poetic passages of time that grow and grow on you. He declares “I make bad art” which in itself is a bit of a shocking statement because art is subjective. However, to embrace the good the bad and the terribly awkward, in my book, is an incredible strength. His taste ┬áruns on the salty side but I do prefer my intellect savory with bite not sickly sweet.

This video is one of my favorites. I encourage you to check more of his videos on vimeo.


Pearl Encrusted Sunday

May 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Pearls are incredible. I have been obsessed with pearls since I was about 12 years old. I went to Nantucket one summer, with a friends family and we stayed in a little bed and breakfast. They had gobs and gobs of books stuffed around the room and one of them had a book of Victorian portraits. One picture in particular I shall never forget. It was a portrait of a young women. She was sitting in a chair dressed all in white, tiny cinched in waist, volumes of silk spilling out down the chair onto the floor and she was literally dripping in pearls. We counted something like 30 rows pearls around her neck alone, and then about 40 more, some of the strands reaching the floor. It was awe-inspiring. Since then, I have been fascinated by pearls. They are perfectly imperfect, each one slightly different. I love them all, fresh water, salt water, cultured, natural,baroque, pale pink, ivory, dove grey, the whole spectrum. they are luminous, these little tiny moons captured on a string. A very dear and dapper friend of my mine, Peter Max Lawrence had worn pearls for years, and they always are a show-stopper. I would like to know what it must feel like, to be dripping in pearls. So, I have begun incorporating my own version into this idea into one of the costumes…A big shout out to Angela Ellsworth’s stunning pearl encrusted bonnets. Check out her video,it is amazing.


How could I forget this pearl encrusted video by Bjork, forgive me.

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