My Take on Fashion

Icelandic Fashion is a niche I have recently stumbled upon. Icelandic designers and designers who choose to live and work in Iceland have generated a particular and unusual set of aesthetics. I find it refreshing. I see new fashion directions being explored in their community that I have not seen fully reflected in other fashion capitols such as London, Paris or New York.

I am not a fashion expert. I simply go with what I am attracted to and what inspires me in the moment. I am interested in how individuals assert their identity through clothing. We have thousands of options to choose from in order to create a look that is ours. Fashion for me is a balance of what works on the body, inspires the mind and speaks to the soul of the person. I don’t care for name brands as an indicator of what makes someone chic, in fact I believe at times it has served as a fashion crutch, enabling someone to think they are chic simply because the tag states they are so. I am more interested in how someone can make their clothing look incredible without the help of any names but simply on how they arrange their outfit. Don’t get me wrong I love great craftsmanship but I must confess I have seem more name brands wearing people then people wearing name brands. Fashion is not a competition, it is a form of self expression. I love so many, many looks that do not work on my body but I still appreciate how they will work on someone else. There is enough style to go around nobody owns it. Find what you love, and love it.


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