About This Blog: #29

This is an online diary focused on preparations for my performance project  August 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s a bit scatological–part documentation site, part place of daydreams, fears, inspirations, fairy tales, artists-l-love, fashion, people I meet along the way, and anything else that will help propel me forward in this endeavor. It’s also part-training log and race inspiration for, yes, #29.

August 20th is the Reykjavik Marathon. They had 10,000 runners last year and I am number 29! I am excited to see how all my training will pay off. I have read a couple different training books to give a basic structure to my daily exercise. The book I like the best so far is Run: The Mind Body Method of Running by Feel by Matt Fitzgerald. Everyone has a different body and each of us has to find what works best for us. If you have ever wanted to run or walk a marathon, I encourage you to pick a place you have always wanted to visit and I bet there is a marathon waiting for you.

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  • Jamee Todd says:

    Sounds very exciting, good luck and I will be following your progress and performance piece. The photos are great. Have fun. Rabbit Holes provide great adventures-enjoy every minute.

  • JEFF MORBY says:


  • Dorothy Brown says:

    This is a very exciting project Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing it with us as it unfolds. It will undoubtedly be a transforming experience in a number of ways, and we’ll be along for the ride.

  • Pat Thropp says:

    Just heard the new from you mom. So excited for you and happy I can follow you on your adventure. Good luck and keep up the great work
    Love Always

  • Jamee Todd says:

    Michelle, I know you Mom and Dad are looking forward to visiting with you in Iceland soon. How is the training for the Marathon going. It is getting close. I am enjoying the art work of your friends on your blog. Keep up the good work and have fun.

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