September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

The time right after a big art piece always feels surreal to me. I am still buzzing on what has happened but their is also flavor that is bittersweet. Being in the thick of the production of an art piece is the perfect place to exist. You can finally see all the pieces coming together smoothly but you still have the anticipation for the grand event. Now, I am in sorting mode with photographs and plotting out my next steps. I am still writing and re-writing the final version of the fairytale. Language is really important to me for the fairytale. I remember listening to stories and being enraptured by specific phrases and attention to detail. I don’t remember where I heard this particular version of Little Red Riding Hood but they described how her red hood had been lined on the inside with fur. That detail has stayed with me because from then on I would imagine what that must have felt like for her. The closer I can inhabit the skin of a character of a fairytale or any story for that matter the more invested I become. I really want to fall in love with my little story’s language, so I am sorry, but I have taken it off the site for now, until I feel more confident about it. I have some more pictures to share with you from the project.

Puffin, who traded magic for the tusks of the Walrus.

Walrus after she has traded her blubber for magic with the Fox.

Reindeer who will trade some magic with Walrus in exchange for her skin.


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