Captain Kirk, able to sail the through any storm.

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is Kirk aka: the captain, who is our project manager. He will steer us to safety if ever we encounter rough metaphorical seas during the project production in Iceland. No one head’s is calmer nor cleaner when it comes to sizing up a potential problem. He is most charming and witty and though he lives in the captain’s quarters his heart belongs in the kitchen. He has the culinary skills that would make a Michelin star green with envy. We are blessed to have someone who loves to feed people.

My love affair began with Kirk Wilder when we met at engagement party dear friends.  Our friendly crush was instant and we instantly shared deep secrets, hopes and dreams for the future, healing from the past and vision for projects near and far.
Kirk is an undisciplined (yet adorable) hack zero formal design nor art schooling yet a deep understanding and attraction to form, design and color. By day, Kirk can be found running a virtual flower shop for the luxury world and by night he is usually tinkering with pen, paper, painting, fabric, electricity, found objects to create and dress the landscape.
Kirk believes in comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. Be it through a combination music, art, design or acts of civil disobedience.


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