Spinning Sequins Into A Snake

July 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, whilst in the throws of my love affair with this current project it is at times important to have little side projects simmering around to keep the creativity flowing. I started reading Miranda July’s blog about her new film The Future and she did a call for videos. The concept was simple: please animate an object that you think would come for you when the end was near. Make sure one can see your hand in animating it. simple, right? A nice echo to her Learning To Love You More project which I missed so I felt it was time to send her something. I made this simple video for her, using a vintage Art Deco dress. I figured, if it was my time to go to Valhalla then I want to be brought to the valkyries by the most beautiful object I have. For those with sensitive constitutions, I must warn you that this video contains what looks like abuse towards a vintage garment. I can assure you the dress was not distressed in any way, except for shedding some antique sequins and beads.


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