My Birthday Wish

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

For my birthday, I would fly to Rome, and once there, on a perfect sultry summer night, I would jump into a fountain. This scene from Dolce Vita is so epic to me not just because Anita Ekberg is so stunning, but the fact that she can loose herself in the desire to be in the fountain in a gorgeous dress, and not bat an eyelash about it. I plan to jump into many metaphorical fountains this year with stunning dresses on, and not doubt my decision. I must confess, I have had my own Italian moment of liberation with water. Once, when I was barely 15, I was on a bike tour through Italy. We were staying in a campsite next to an old monastery. It had this beautiful old stone pool, surrounded by a tall chain link fence. Every night we would gaze longingly at it, as we slowly roasted in our tents. Finally, on the last night there, we all decided we needed to jump the fence and go skinny dipping. I was the youngest amongst the other kids who were 16,17, and 18. I felt very young compared to them, and needed to prove myself. So, I was the first to scale the fence. I wanted to show that I was brave enough, like them. I was determined not to be left behind. Since I had never scaled a fence before, my dismount was a bit rocky. I ended up cutting my arm on the sharp metal. I pretended it didn’t hurt, even though it was painful. We dove into the water, and it was the most sublime experience I had ever had in my young life. It felt so good, being so naughty, and we howled in delight in our utter defiance. I am sure we woke everyone up in the monastery, but no one came. I would like to think that the monks were happy that we had enjoyed their pool by the moonlight, and let us have our simple pleasure. I still have the scar on my arm from that night, and I am proud of it. It marks a small right of passage into youth adventure and high jinx.


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