A Treasure From Childhood

May 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hand-me-downs were the rare and coveted treasures of my childhood. Growing up I had a a very chic friend who would give me her hand-me-downs. I was about 8 years old and the thrill of getting a brown paper bag from her home of her and her older sisters cast offs was incredible. It was almost better then Christmas. I felt as though the clothing I received was somehow infused with all their glamour and sophistication. Truth be told, I felt I was growing up around secret royalty. They had lived as small children in Italy, buying their candy in Italian. In turn I felt I somehow barbaric that I could only buy my candy in plain english, “one snickers please”.

One particular piece of clothing I received from my childhood friend was the ultimate 1980’s status symbol. It was a hot pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I remember choosing which day I would wear the shirt and how exactly I how to create my outfit. First, I would part my hair on the side and wear one barrette on one side of the part and the other side I would let artfully drape obscuring my my right eye. I would then pair my shirt with my Navy blue Carroll School Sweatshirt. I would pop the collar up so one could see that shock of pink. I paired with some blue jeans and my white Tretorns. I finished it with a worn fishermen’s rope bracelet and some friendship pins placed on the last row of my sneaker laces. I was now set to struck the hallways of my lower school. I still treasure the art of giving and receiving hand-my-downs. I love having my friends clothing in my closets. I am also glad to have a piece of my clothing make it to a good home wear it will be loved.


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