The perfect place for a cold rainy night

March 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

I needed a place to get cozy and just my luck I found the most charming coffee haus across from my hotel. It is called Stofan, established in 1881.I can only describe it as if my fantasy Icelandic grandmother gave me her living room to open up shop in her her house. Exposed hard wood floors, an eccecltic group of chairs, ’70’s inspired printed and knit pillows, small tables, and old well loved couches givethis place the right kind of intimate charm one longs for in an ideal coffee shop. Next to me a couple plays a lively game of yatsze!.The walls are covered with a soft shade of gold Victorian wall paper that gives the space the rigth twist of antique elegance within a common place. I know coffee is not part of my life but I feel when in Rome one must soak in everything and I had heard of the famous Icelandic coffee. Coming form SF, where we pride ourselves in everything food and drink related,but I have some news SF, get your act together because Icelandic coffee is on a whole other level. I thought coffee was for Italy and France and our little corner of the world but now we have been eclipsed by Reykjavik.This city has the same fine tuned taste of New York City or London but in an other worldly place. Framed needle-point in a floral pattern,paintings of children with big dopy eyes and the random garage sale treasure adore the walls of this one roomed coffee house. I think I have found my clubhouse for the week. Check it out.


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