Fashion Shoot with Oddvar

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Fashion Shoot of all Nine Costumes.

First Horse

First Walrus


Second Walrus


Third Walrus


Fourth Walrus

Final Horse


The first sacrifice

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The first sacrifice made in the fairytale were the walrus tusks.

She exchange her tusks for some magic with Puffin. Here is what they looked like.

Here is another look at Puffin.

These beautiful pictures were taken by Saint Jodis.


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Utsala my new favorite music duo from Iceland.

Look for their tour dates soon…

Exclusive Muffins

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The Grey Cat is the word for breakfast in Reykjavik.

They are famous for the plate called the Truck which includes pancakes, eggs, home made toast slathered with the famous Icelandic butter and of course bacon. But, did you know they also serve the most elite muffins out there? They only make four muffins a day so you will be one of the lucky four to devour these delectable treats. It’s lovely. A sweet moist cake like texture with a citrus glaze on top. I was very excited when I was able to buy a set of them one morning and I had to share this edible treasure with you.


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Here are some house photographs.

Saint Jodis brought her polaroid camera and we had a blast with it. Like a classic American shrine, we felt the need to put what we loved on the fridge, hence ourselves.


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The time right after a big art piece always feels surreal to me. I am still buzzing on what has happened but their is also flavor that is bittersweet. Being in the thick of the production of an art piece is the perfect place to exist. You can finally see all the pieces coming together smoothly but you still have the anticipation for the grand event. Now, I am in sorting mode with photographs and plotting out my next steps. I am still writing and re-writing the final version of the fairytale. Language is really important to me for the fairytale. I remember listening to stories and being enraptured by specific phrases and attention to detail. I don’t remember where I heard this particular version of Little Red Riding Hood but they described how her red hood had been lined on the inside with fur. That detail has stayed with me because from then on I would imagine what that must have felt like for her. The closer I can inhabit the skin of a character of a fairytale or any story for that matter the more invested I become. I really want to fall in love with my little story’s language, so I am sorry, but I have taken it off the site for now, until I feel more confident about it. I have some more pictures to share with you from the project.

Puffin, who traded magic for the tusks of the Walrus.

Walrus after she has traded her blubber for magic with the Fox.

Reindeer who will trade some magic with Walrus in exchange for her skin.

The Fairytale

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Here are the first pictures! These were taken by Tyler, Korka’s husband. He walked a fair amount of the marathon to document the performance which was pretty fantastic. Thank you Tyler!

This is the first costume the horse before it falls under a spell that transforms it into a walrus.

Here is Jenalee and Kirk

This is Jenalee doing a transformation of make-up and costume change

This is Puffin

This is one of the forms of walrus

This is fox

This is reindeer

This is the crew

This is the final walrus

This is the final horse after she has broken the spell

Crossing the finnish line

Interview on Icelandic Tv

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Here is the Tv interview! This was shot just before the marathon during my photo shoot with Oddvar. Check out my Pat Benatar make up, wicked!

The Medal

August 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

How often do you get a medal? I can’t recall the last time I won a medal for anything, I think this is my first one. I am so proud to have accomplished so much with this first third of the project and to get a metal on top of everything else is just cool.

p.s Sorry for the misspelling, I was not trying to be clever just being dyslexic.

first images coming in!

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I am back in the states recovering from a triumphant project. I am sorry that I don’t have more media to post at the moment. My team and I are sifting through so much media but as soon as I get it I will start posting it so you can see what the performance looked like. We had the most ideal weather sunny and windy which kept us all comfortable though out the 13 mi. Here is a still from my interview on Channel One in Iceland from a show called Kastljos during a photo shoot with Oddvar Örn Hjartarson.


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On a recent tea-stained day, we sat around our huge wooden table drinking cups of tea and talking, talking, talking. It was cozy weather day, which we all welcomed. Finally, a day to show off our newly found sweaters treasures from the Red Cross. Peter has become quite chummy with the ladies who run the store. He is always on the hunt for more sweaters. Here is his latest purchase.

Our days are flying by, at a furious pace. They are filled with walks, meetings, cooking at home, shooting, and of course, friends. We have eight more days until the performance and it is getting very exciting. We are planning on going dancing tonight. I am looking forward to cutting some rug and hope no one will be parking on the dance floor, ahem!

Korka and her husband have arrived after having a brief stop in NYC. Early Saturday morning Jenalee arrives from San Francisco and our Art Posse will be complete. My family, and more friends will arrive next week. I am thrilled. I am also looking forward to seeing how they will all fall in love with Iceland.

One Fierce, Fashion Fiend.

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I would like to introduce you all to Jenalee. She is the another artist who is performing with me in Ritual To Break A Spell. Jenalee is a performance artist, artist. Her work explores the body and at times, a wink and to the glamour element of drag. By day she is the manager of Little Bird cafe in the Tenderloin and by night a video queen conjuring various embodiments of her spirit. Her are some samples of her work:

Jenalee and also met in the New Genres Department at SFAI. We really became close friends and collaborators during a film we made called The Slumber Party. It was an 8 hour performance piece with other SFAI’ers in studio 10. It was an exploration of teen/horror/party genre when a super natural element comes into play and wreacks havoc on their innocent lives.

Jenalee’s role in this performance is the embodiment of magik. Period.

Landscape, embrace us.

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We are slowly adjusting to our new time space and so we have been spending a lot of time wandering the landscape.

My Own Private Reykjavik vibe..

Captain Kirk, able to sail the through any storm.

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This is Kirk aka: the captain, who is our project manager. He will steer us to safety if ever we encounter rough metaphorical seas during the project production in Iceland. No one head’s is calmer nor cleaner when it comes to sizing up a potential problem. He is most charming and witty and though he lives in the captain’s quarters his heart belongs in the kitchen. He has the culinary skills that would make a Michelin star green with envy. We are blessed to have someone who loves to feed people.

My love affair began with Kirk Wilder when we met at engagement party dear friends.  Our friendly crush was instant and we instantly shared deep secrets, hopes and dreams for the future, healing from the past and vision for projects near and far.
Kirk is an undisciplined (yet adorable) hack zero formal design nor art schooling yet a deep understanding and attraction to form, design and color. By day, Kirk can be found running a virtual flower shop for the luxury world and by night he is usually tinkering with pen, paper, painting, fabric, electricity, found objects to create and dress the landscape.
Kirk believes in comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. Be it through a combination music, art, design or acts of civil disobedience.

Peter Max Lawrence: Film maker, Trouble maker, Maker of Super Heros.

July 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

I would like you all to meet Peter,head film-maker for this grand adventure in iceland. Peter and I met in the hallowed hall of Studio 10, the heart of the New Genres department at SFAI. Peter is the most prolific artist I know today. He has done thousands of drawings mostly based on super beings from swamp thing to Batman to his own super characters.  He has shots years worth of video footage that is incredible. To say I am a fan in not even getting close to how much I adore this man as a person, soul and artist. One of his numerous talents is shooting moments that seem to be at the time just passing by, but his eyes catches the most poetic passages of time that grow and grow on you. He declares “I make bad art” which in itself is a bit of a shocking statement because art is subjective. However, to embrace the good the bad and the terribly awkward, in my book, is an incredible strength. His taste  runs on the salty side but I do prefer my intellect savory with bite not sickly sweet.

This video is one of my favorites. I encourage you to check more of his videos on vimeo.

Ode To Korka

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Here is a video that was made on Valentine’s Day in honor of Korka. This video was made my her brilliant husband Tyler Hurd. French New Wave, eat your heart out.


July 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

As you know, I have been furiously getting ready to go to Iceland for my project. I would now like to introduce you to my team. Each of the following posts will explore briefly a member of my art posse. This post is dedicated to Melkorka aka:Korka, she is my head designer. She is from Reykjavik, an Alumni of SFAI in sculpture and now lives in San Francisco with her lovely husband Tyler who makes incredible art.(Video to follow in another post) It has been wonderful to work so closely with someone on an art piece. We have spent hours geek-ing out over silks, digital prints, fashion books and have loved every minute of it. I think, as an artist, one of the best ways to get to know someone is to work on a project with them, a collaboration ideally. One gets to have long juicy conversations about art, life, what inspires you, and whom you admire. I always try and have those kind of conversations regardless of what I am doing, but when you are working with someone new they are especially dynamic. I have never experienced seeing a drawing come to life as a muslin and become fully realized until now. I must tell you, in is very exciting. To move from 2D to 3D is an incredible leap conceptually. It has been such a pleasure seeing these ideas unfold before my eyes.


I had to add to this page Bjork’s new single in honor of Korka.

Spinning Sequins Into A Snake

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So, whilst in the throws of my love affair with this current project it is at times important to have little side projects simmering around to keep the creativity flowing. I started reading Miranda July’s blog about her new film The Future and she did a call for videos. The concept was simple: please animate an object that you think would come for you when the end was near. Make sure one can see your hand in animating it. simple, right? A nice echo to her Learning To Love You More project which I missed so I felt it was time to send her something. I made this simple video for her, using a vintage Art Deco dress. I figured, if it was my time to go to Valhalla then I want to be brought to the valkyries by the most beautiful object I have. For those with sensitive constitutions, I must warn you that this video contains what looks like abuse towards a vintage garment. I can assure you the dress was not distressed in any way, except for shedding some antique sequins and beads.

Tilda Swinton, What A Muse You Are

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Tilda Swanson is incredible. She has a look that is haunting. Her beauty is in it’s own realm, ethereal and strong. The current issue of W is wonderful. I wanted to bring your attention to to because it is a different feel of fashion, more conceptual. I would also have to say some of the photographs look like they were shot in Iceland.


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Everyone deserves a mentor. I met my mentor through a curator named Elizabeth with whom I worked in Pittsburgh for a show I did called Urban Iterations. I was living in NYC at the time. I had left art school and truth be told, I was feeling a bit adrift. Elizabeth could tell I needed help and she strongly encouraged me to go back to school. I was very hesitant to go back again, I was really struggling with what I wanted out of my education. She told me to go meet with her friend Francie, who at the time was a recruiter for SAFI. We decided to meet on a Sat morning and she agreed to meet me at my apartment , which I had also used as a make-shift studio.

Looking back, I believe there are no coincidences in life, just life. I had stayed out all night after seeing Gogol Bordello at the Knitting Factory. I was naive about being so cavalier about our meeting. In my young mind, I thought that I was the cat’s pajama’s and was not sold on going to art school. Hadn’t I just had a solo show in Pittsburgh? I had another solo show in Idaho the year before, so I was thinking I was doing quite well on my own.

Francie showed up at my little apartment which was crammed with stuff. The walls were covered with magazine tear-outs,photographs, and polaroids plastered all around my mirrors of friends. She carefully looked at my portfolio and then we quickly got into a lively discussion on the pros and cons of art school. And what I mean to say is we argued. Little did I know how wonderful it was we butted heads. We got into it in a way that I had never been challenged before, it was amazing. I stood my ground firmly. I argued that despite only attending a year of college and a year at a French Photo Institute in Paris I was doing quite well with my two solo shows. I was doing projections with my photography that not many people were doing at the time, so I felt special like I was doing something original. We went back and forth about the work and then all of a sudden she turned to me and said “yeah bur you are not happy hear in New York, in fact you are quite lonely.” I was shocked. She said such a pure statement of truth to me I could not believe how she had come to that conclusion. “I can tell you this because you have a shrine for all the friends you miss that don’t live in NYC.” She pointed to an antique door with a mirror inside it that I had outlined the the border with polaroids of all my friends who had come to visit me while I was in NY. I put them there so I could see them every day as I got ready in the morning. By looking at their faces, it felt like they were closer to me, as if I was enjoying my morning coffee with them every day.

“You are living in some kind of installation of all of your friends that you miss” said Francie. I was gobsmacked. “You don’t have a community here, you are on your own. Artists need a community. “If you got to art school you will find that community. You will take classes there where you will make art you never thought you could make. It will change your art. Your art will get stronger. Art school will challenge you in ways you have not even thought of yet in terms of who you are as an artist. That is why you should go to art school. I am going to change your life.”

And like a Greek oracle she said those words, and it was so. I applied to SFAI that fall and by January I was in class. I felt that our conversation that morning changed the course of my life fundamentally. Eight years later I am still on the west coast making art, surrounded by an incredible community of artists and my work has evolved greatly beyond photography. I could have asked for a better person to come into my life and turn it upside down. I needed to be brought back to reality and she was able to do it in a honest was that I could really, really hear. I think there isa particular relationship one can have if one finds the right person who can see one in life and allow one to change for the better. Francie changed my life and I will always be incredibly thankful that we met and argued for hours that Sat morning about art. Thank you Francie Caprino for kicking my ass when it needed to kicking and thank you Elizabeth Reiss for introducing me to the right ass kicker.

My Birthday Wish

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For my birthday, I would fly to Rome, and once there, on a perfect sultry summer night, I would jump into a fountain. This scene from Dolce Vita is so epic to me not just because Anita Ekberg is so stunning, but the fact that she can loose herself in the desire to be in the fountain in a gorgeous dress, and not bat an eyelash about it. I plan to jump into many metaphorical fountains this year with stunning dresses on, and not doubt my decision. I must confess, I have had my own Italian moment of liberation with water. Once, when I was barely 15, I was on a bike tour through Italy. We were staying in a campsite next to an old monastery. It had this beautiful old stone pool, surrounded by a tall chain link fence. Every night we would gaze longingly at it, as we slowly roasted in our tents. Finally, on the last night there, we all decided we needed to jump the fence and go skinny dipping. I was the youngest amongst the other kids who were 16,17, and 18. I felt very young compared to them, and needed to prove myself. So, I was the first to scale the fence. I wanted to show that I was brave enough, like them. I was determined not to be left behind. Since I had never scaled a fence before, my dismount was a bit rocky. I ended up cutting my arm on the sharp metal. I pretended it didn’t hurt, even though it was painful. We dove into the water, and it was the most sublime experience I had ever had in my young life. It felt so good, being so naughty, and we howled in delight in our utter defiance. I am sure we woke everyone up in the monastery, but no one came. I would like to think that the monks were happy that we had enjoyed their pool by the moonlight, and let us have our simple pleasure. I still have the scar on my arm from that night, and I am proud of it. It marks a small right of passage into youth adventure and high jinx.

Pearl Encrusted Sunday

May 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Pearls are incredible. I have been obsessed with pearls since I was about 12 years old. I went to Nantucket one summer, with a friends family and we stayed in a little bed and breakfast. They had gobs and gobs of books stuffed around the room and one of them had a book of Victorian portraits. One picture in particular I shall never forget. It was a portrait of a young women. She was sitting in a chair dressed all in white, tiny cinched in waist, volumes of silk spilling out down the chair onto the floor and she was literally dripping in pearls. We counted something like 30 rows pearls around her neck alone, and then about 40 more, some of the strands reaching the floor. It was awe-inspiring. Since then, I have been fascinated by pearls. They are perfectly imperfect, each one slightly different. I love them all, fresh water, salt water, cultured, natural,baroque, pale pink, ivory, dove grey, the whole spectrum. they are luminous, these little tiny moons captured on a string. A very dear and dapper friend of my mine, Peter Max Lawrence had worn pearls for years, and they always are a show-stopper. I would like to know what it must feel like, to be dripping in pearls. So, I have begun incorporating my own version into this idea into one of the costumes…A big shout out to Angela Ellsworth’s stunning pearl encrusted bonnets. Check out her video,it is amazing.


How could I forget this pearl encrusted video by Bjork, forgive me.

Art Is Magic

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Alan Moore is a new person to me. He is most famous for creating the graphic novels The Watchmen, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, The Lost Girls as well as many other works. He came up in conversation the other night during dinner with a friend of mine and my interest was piqued. I just recently watched a documentary on him and I thought his inslight on art and magic were truly profound. I feel a bit late to the table on being interested in him but I feel, I didn’t need to know about him until now. Now that I am addressing magic and spells in my own work I am able to appreciate other artists who have deeply explored these subjects in depth. Now, he’s the coolest and I can’t wait to read everything I can get my hands on about him and his writings.

Secret Pleasure

May 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

The Afternoon nap is something truly sacred. I remember violently fighting going down for my afternoon nap when I was little. I always felt I was missing out on something else truly exciting, turns out it was mostly when my mom and her fellow student Bunny were working on grad work. I have always been gifted at napping. I remember my mom would bring my brother and I to Star market to buy groceries and I would pass out during the ten minute drive there. It was the most delicious feeling of slowly drifting off while hearing my my families voices swirl around me as I slipped into my slumber. My mom tells a story when, when I was little she had to get the car serviced and brought me with her. I drifted into a deep sleep and was very cranky when she woke me to drop off the car. I voted to stay inside the car and finish was nap. She decided to let me stay. So, while the car was being serviced, I was safely tucked away in the back of our sandy gold Dodge Dart dreaming my little dreams. When the car was done and she was driving us home I awoke and inquired if we had reached the garage. When she told me we had come and gone and I was asleep the whole time I could not believe it. She too, was also surprised I had not woken up among among the cacophony of the auto-body shop. Over the years I have hosted many friends coming over to chill at my house talk, drink tea, pour over coffee table books and a quick cat nap. I believe in social napping, napping in a friend’s company. I do truly relish cuddling up with a blanket on the couch talking, looking at art books and slowly reclining into a late afternoon nap. I try and have a couple of naps a week, it feels utterly luxurious, and I wake up feeling fresh for the rest of the evening. I could not make it through a visit to NYC without my afternoon cat naps to recharge my batteries before beginning a night out. Try a nap this week, they are priceless.

Cyd Charisse, The Athlete I Want To Be.

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Who might you ask is Cyd Charisse? Well, she was a dancer who danced with the likes of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in the 1940’s and ’50’s. She is one of those screen sirens I grew up watching and have never forgot. Here are some of works. I think at times people might forget what it takes to be a dancer. For one minute of choreography, it can will take a hour to learn, and that’s if you are already well trained. So now having that basic ratio, once can imagine what go’s into creating these epic dance sequences.

Mind Body Connection

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I just saw the Vidal Sassoon documentary and it blew my mind. Born in 1928, here is a man who suffered greatly in his childhood, living in an orphanage seeing his mom once a month. Early on in his life, his mom told him she had a premonition that he would become a hair-dresser. He got an apprenticeship at a small hair salon and quickly evolved into becoming a world wide super star of hair. What struck me beyond this man’s vision and talent, was his utter devotion to his health. He always took time to work out his body and take of himself and ate healthfully. He believed that a healthy mind and body must be in synch in order to achieve one’s goals. This man is a powerhouse of inspiration go watch his documentary.

A Treasure From Childhood

May 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hand-me-downs were the rare and coveted treasures of my childhood. Growing up I had a a very chic friend who would give me her hand-me-downs. I was about 8 years old and the thrill of getting a brown paper bag from her home of her and her older sisters cast offs was incredible. It was almost better then Christmas. I felt as though the clothing I received was somehow infused with all their glamour and sophistication. Truth be told, I felt I was growing up around secret royalty. They had lived as small children in Italy, buying their candy in Italian. In turn I felt I somehow barbaric that I could only buy my candy in plain english, “one snickers please”.

One particular piece of clothing I received from my childhood friend was the ultimate 1980’s status symbol. It was a hot pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I remember choosing which day I would wear the shirt and how exactly I how to create my outfit. First, I would part my hair on the side and wear one barrette on one side of the part and the other side I would let artfully drape obscuring my my right eye. I would then pair my shirt with my Navy blue Carroll School Sweatshirt. I would pop the collar up so one could see that shock of pink. I paired with some blue jeans and my white Tretorns. I finished it with a worn fishermen’s rope bracelet and some friendship pins placed on the last row of my sneaker laces. I was now set to struck the hallways of my lower school. I still treasure the art of giving and receiving hand-my-downs. I love having my friends clothing in my closets. I am also glad to have a piece of my clothing make it to a good home wear it will be loved.

Flaneur in the 21st Century

May 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

“A person who walks the city in order to experience it”, or so says Wikipedia in explaining this wonderful word and concept from Baudelaire. I would like to think that in our modern times anyone can become a flaneur despite the tight gendered boxes we were placed in the past. Here are some inspiring walks I found.(tongue firmly implanted in cheek…)

Back from the dead…

May 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

I had way too much in Iceland. I got sick there and came back and was sick for another three weeks.

last the night; but ah, my foes, and oh my
friends- it gives a lovely light!

Edna St. Vincent Millay

So I am back in the saddle again, ready to train and work on creating the rest of my work for late summer.

Last moments in Iceland

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I extended my stay in Iceland for another week and promptly got sick after I invited my friend Hilde for a long week-end of Icelandic adventures. Sadly I was in bed most of the time but before I got too sick to move we explored a bit. We attended the elusive Elf School tucked away in the outskirts of Reykjavik. I must confess I was disappointed everything our chatty guide told us were tidbits of lore about hidden people encounters I had already gleamed off of my sampling of Icelandic and Norse mythology. He did make us lovely home-made waffles and coffee and was clearly passionate about his life’s work. We stayed in the center of town in Apartment k’s budget studio which was lovely. I am full of new ideas of how to continue to evolve this project and am very excited to return this summer. These last pictures are a small collection of images that for me captured the small touches that made Reykjavik so charming to me like the shape of a coffee cup, heart shaped waffles, a painting of a small boy crying to symbolize a bathroom, the glowing quality of the Blue Lagoon and how a simple add looks epic to me.

















Sequences Performance Art Festival Highlights So Far…

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As It turns out, I got here just in time to also attend Sequences, a festival dedicated to performance art. I have been only able to attend some of the performances and find the remains of others but I have been blown away at the high caliber of work. It is exciting to see such focus on performance work, being that it is at times, dismissed and often misunderstood. Some of the artists I able to see perform were: Nils Bech and Bendik Giske at Bakkus, Bristol Ninja Cava Crew, Rakel McMahon,Meeting Valery Smith,Orn Alexander Amundsson,Disablot, and Intrum Justitia at Grandagaroi 16.








































Second Night Fashion Highlights

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More quick snaps from a cross section of Rey,Hildur Yeoman,DisDis,Birna,Shadow Creatures,KronKron and of course Mundi who closed the night.


































First night of shows Highlights

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These are a few snaps of Vera, Sonya Dent,RainDeer,Sruli Recht and Spaks Mannspjarir. I must state for the record that Sruli Recht’s presentation stole the show. His presentation was all his own.He chose to place man with a simple drum kit at the beginning of the runway to supply the model’s with a beat, while they casually sauntered down the runway in bare feet. Needless to say, this show brought the house down.


















What Does An Art Athlete Eat?

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I will tell you. I have been dining on fresh fish, salads, home made soup and cheese. Yes, cheese, one of the most perfect foods out there. I am not I am pounding whole wheels of it just a slice here and wedge there… I am going all day long, running around meeting friends, working on my walk and learning the geography. Since we are staying in a house, we are able to cook which makes our time here feel more cozy. Our fearless captain has been making us a big vat of fresh soup that we can slurp on during the day when we feeling peckish.

My latest food obsession in Iceland is the lobster soup. I have been trying it all over town to find my favorite place. We are on a mission to find a great fish monger. We are keen on trying to make our own version of this tasty soup.

Icelandic Fish Soup (from:
3 Tablespoons Butter
1 small Red Onion, julienned
white part of a Leek, thinly sliced
1 stalk Celery, diced
400 mL Fish Stock
600 mL Chicken Stock
200 mL Cream
2 Shots Sherry
70 g Tomato Sauce
1 pinch Saffron
1 Tablespoon Tarragon Vinegar
½ Cup dry White Wine
226 g Flounder fillet, cut into small pieces
226 g salmon fillet, cut into small pieces
150 g Icelandic Shrimp (very tiny pre-cooked salad shrimp)
salt and white pepper, to taste
Parsley and Green Onion slices to garnish


Melt butter in a large stock pot. Add the onion, leek, and celery, and sauté for 4 minutes. Add the fish stock, chicken stock, cream, sherry, tomato sauce, saffron, vinegar, and wine. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce the heat to medium and let simmer for 6 minutes. Add the flounder and salmon and bring it to a boil again, then remove from heat – the fish will continue to cook with the heat of the liquid. Add the shrimp and let sit for about 2 minutes until the shrimp have also heated through. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Garnish and serve warm.

Serves 6-8.